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Booking a Hostel

Hi! I am getting closer to my trip to Europe, so I need to start booking accommodations. I'm just wondering- is it safe to use a site like or It seems in a few cases so far that there are better rates off these engines than offered from the independent sites- is that normal/trustworthy? Because it seems kind of too good to be true...

if you have any experience with these sites, it would be greatly appreciated!


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I never use sites like the ones you mentioned for booking Hostels. If I'll be staying at an HI Hostel, I book directly on their website. In some HI properties, having a membership is required but I always renew that every year so that's not a problem. If staying at an independent Hostel, again I book directly on their website.

I prefer to eliminate the middleman and deal directly, as there's less chance of problems. I use the same method when dealing with budget hotels.

Happy travels!

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They're both completely reliable. They also serve some hostels that don't have their own booking facilities.

I've used HostelWorld multiple times and have never had an issue. Plus, I think they're waiving their booking fee for this month (December).

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I have used both many times and never had any issues.
So, yes it is safe to use them.

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I booked my hostel in Dublin, I believe, on Hostelworld as it was the only way to do it. I didn't have any problems booking and I would assume it's safe to use. One of my friends spent a couple of months in Germany and used that same site for all her travels around Europe.

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Another vote for hostel world. I first used it about ten years ago and still using it today. Never any issues!

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Both are reputable as far as I know, although I prefer to use or the hostel's own website to book.