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Blackpool? What do you think?

Hi there,
I'm still planning away, our 12 day trip. So far... London 3 nights, York 1 full day, Edinburgh 2 nights. Thinking of one night somewhere, then 2 nights in Blackpool. Rick makes is sound fun for teenagers and it would be a break from the formal British tour.
Please chime in, especially if you've been there. Thanks.

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We love Blackpool and have been there 3 times. On one trip we saw a terrible magic show and an excellent ice show. Something for every one. The people watching is first rate whether you're on the front or watching the dancers in the tower.

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Hello Irene. Blackpool is at an ocean coast. Whitby is at an ocean coast (North Sea). Whitby is at a convenient location for you : Whitby could be visited in between York and Edinburgh. And there are other places north of and not far from Whitby : Durham Cathedral, Beamish outdoor Museum. And in between Whitby and York : the Howard mansion.

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Whitby just does not compare with Blackpool.

Whitby is charming and discrete

Blackpool is cheap loud and vulgar.

One is a string quartet the other a punk rock band.

Blackpool is a great experience – in small doses

Kids love it and provided you get into the whole experience you can enjoy it too. Just don’t expect anything like subtlety or sophistication or elegance or understatement.

Blackpool is brash but fun.

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Thanks for the tips. The problem is... I am pretty much locked into my two night reservaion in Edinburgh... days 4 and 5. We're traveling by train too, so I want easy connections. The only way to stop for overnights before Edinburgh is to do 2 nights in London upon arrival and 2-3 before going home via Heathrow. [But I think I'd stay in York]
I thought Blackpool would be wild, crazy, fun... a little bit like Sturgus on the Sea. My girlfriend from Scotland told me to stay one night in Blackpool at a b&b and eat fish and chips for dinner. My boys would love to see a pro rugby game too. My husband wants to see some golf courses.
I'm calling this trip a taste of Britain, because 12 nights is not enough to see and do everything, but certainly enough to get a taste.
Keep the ideas coming.

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Hello Irene. I highly recommend having overnight accomodation at York, a minimum of 2 nights.