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Blackpool in September-October

As coaster fanatics, we're taking a detour on the rest of our UK trip to ride @ Blackpool. My concern - are all rides, like the wooden coaster and "dark rides" still open in early October?

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Agree with Kim - Have a great time and the best site for opening times is this page from the official site:

Currently there are 5 wooden coasters, 5 steelies and 11 darkrides at Blackpool! (Plus much more)

Around the time you plan to go the "new" steelie Infusion should be open. (6 Steelies)

(It's the old Traumatizer Vekoma looping coaster from Southport Pleasureland)

If you are staying in Blackpool The Big Blue Hotel at the entrance is nice but not the cheapest.

It's cheaper to buy ride wristbands rather than pay for individual ride tickets..(You save £s this way) and cheaper again if you buy your wristbands over the net when in UK.

About 45 mins from Blackpool is Camelot Theme Park in Chorley..Not a great park but this year it boasts a "new" Anton Schwarzkopf coaster from Japan: Knightmare (aka The Bavarian Mountain Railway) - If they get it up and running this ride is a classic!

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Thanks for the tip, Gary!
A Schwarzkopf! Cool! Plus a John Miller in Blackpool - heaven for a coaster nut like me.
I'm already planning a detour to Oakwood when in Wales to ride the CCI. Do you know if the flyers "snap", by any chance? :)
The rest of the vaca is castles and ancient history, but I confess I cannot resist the coasters any more than I can at home in the USA.