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Birmingham - Cadbury World... worth it?

Hello all... I have been to London many times, but this next trip I will be visiting a friend in Walsall, and we will be going to Cadburyworld in Birmingham. Has anyone been there, and if so, would you give me a candid review? I have searched online and am seeing reviews on each end of the spectrum, so just wanted to get feedback. We are both grown women and will not have our kids with us.. I wasn't sure if this tour was geared mainly for children or not. I am not expecting anything like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory. lol.

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Cadbury World is in the Model Village of Bournville. It is most easily reached by train from Walsall to Bournville. Trains from Walsall to Birmingham can be the stopping electric train which originates at Walsall or the faster diesel express which comes from Rugeley or Hednesford. Its generally quicker to take the stopping train if the express won't arrive for a little while. They take different routes but both arrive at Birmingham New Street where you will need to change for the Cross City South (probably platform 11 or 10) to Longbridge or Redditch, alighting at Bournville, the 4th stop. The station is directly over the tracks from the factory and the attraction Cadbury World. Just follow the purple. I've never been on that one but I've been on the train to and from there with many families who have done. They generally seemed to be happy and not many complained. In my experience it is very rare for adults to go without children, and unusual to families to visit with teenage children. I haven't been on the Cross City line for a couple of years so I haven't heard feedback since Cadburys was taken over (against their will) by the big American conglomerate. It can very busy during school holidays, and they used to gear back quite a lot when school is in session.

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Thanks for the feedback, Nigel :) I shouldn't have a problem finding it since my friend will be meeting me at the station in Birmingham. And from the sound of it, I am glad she will be taking me there since it seems a bit complicated! America has taken over Cadbury? Oh no!!!

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Taken over by Kraft who almost immediately reneged on their undertaking not to lay off staff in the UK and transfer the work out of the UK!