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I am going to Birmingham to catch a football match. Since there isn't much info in The Book, I was hoping for some suggestions on a place to stay or things to do. If it helps, the game is at Villa Park. Thanks

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What sort of things do you like to do - besides footie even if you picked the Villa? There are all sorts of things to do in Brum. Your pseudonym doesn't give away much so its hard to say. You could see a shopping mall which is a blob covered in silver discs; you could get out on the canals; you could ride a steam train; you could see a brand new library which looks like a pile of Christmas presents; you could take in a concert, classical or rock; you could tour a National Trust Back-to-Back 19th century workers' house; there are a few good museums in the vicinity. Without information about your likes and dislikes we are throwing darts in the dark.

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Nigel, thanks for the response. I am relatively open to ideas but here are some I am curious about. I would enjoy a good meal. Something reasonable but good. The Balti cuisine sounds great - any restaurant suggestions? Are the canal rides entertaining? What about the Bull Ring Market? Anything that is uniquely Brum that you would recommend?
Also, I hope you are not a Villa fan as I'm going for the away team. KTBFFH! ;)