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Bike Barge Tours--Holland

Has anyone done a cycling/ barge tour in the Netherlands? They seem reasonable, and how are the barges for food, beds ect.? Bill

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We have only done self-drive barge/cycling trips in England, Wales, two canals in France, and Venice area. They are alot of fun. We like one-way boat rentals and prefer going down river instead of up because of locks. We hope to do a one way rental in Holland someday. The company we mostly use is the Crown Blue Line. Their web site is: - They give us maps to follow and a short lesson at the start. We usually get bikes on top of the boat. We get their maps of the area we will be cruising. We make breakfast and sometimes lunch, and always go to a nice restaurant for dinner. They provide linens, towels, cooking pots, plates, etc. The boat do not go fast. It is a very leisurely pace. It is like RVing only on water. I like the boats that have an inside and top deck captain's wheel. If the weather is nice we are up top watching the passing scenery. We can mostly pull up where ever we want along the way. Rentals are usually Sat to Sat.