Best way to see Ireland

I will be making my first trip to Ireland in June, and I will have 6 days to explore on my own before I am joined by two friends and will stay another 4 days. I am flying into Dublin and I would like suggestions on how to best see Ireland in the 6 days in which I will be myself. I have been looking at coach tours and rail tours for the first 6 days.
Railtours Ireland offers a 6 day tour out of Dublin, and of course there are many coach tours. Someone also suggested making Dublin my home base and taking day tours out of Dublin. Any suggestions or travel tips would be greatly appreciated. Doug

Posted by Melody
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I was pretty amazed at how accessible Ireland was by bus tours leaving from Dublin. Next trip I'm thinking of doing away with the car rental and do it from Dublin in day trips!

Posted by gone
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hi, when your friends arrive, will you stay in Dublin or go outside of dublin? break out a map of ireland and then do some research on what you want to do and see outside of dublin. plot out on the map where those tours go and then see if those areas are of interest to you. Then research if there is anything else you may want to see in those areas. by plotting your areas of interest, you can get an idea of using some other town as a "hub" is better than dublin. you can also google "things to do an see in ireland" and then readup on each thing, plot it on the map. once you have your list done then figure out how long it will take to do and see and travel from dublin or from a hub. you can also get a copy of RS IRELAND book too. happy trails.