Best Restaurant in London for an Anniversary Dinner

We will be in London for our Anniversary Trip from August 28, 2013, returning to Texas on September 11, 2013. We have many places and sites to visit. But one of the most important items for us is to have a wonderful and momentous Anniversary Dinner. Can anyone make a recommendation?

Posted by Ed
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Launceston Place (Kensington) is pretty good and won't bust your wallet. Alain Ducasse has a joint in the Dorchester (Mayfair) that has a couple or three stars and prices to match, but it's good grub. Le Gavroche (Mayfair) is a once every few years type place unless you're loaded, but it's a treat. I'd skip Gordon Ramsays place. It's over-starred, over-rated, and over-priced. Once was enough. Never again. Optionally, you can snatch some stuff at Harrods and go sit on a park bench, watch the street entertainers, and get a coffe at the closest Nero when you're done.

Posted by Cynthia
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We enjoyed two lovely dinners when we were in London last April. The first was at the restaurant on top of the National Portrait Gallery. Some of the tables there have views of the London Eye. The restaurant is only open for dinner Thursday, Friday, and Saturday......Another restaurant with a beautiful interior (glittery mosaics ) and excellent food is the Criterion which is over the Criterion Theatre......Foyle's bookstore in London had a book in their travel section which had detailed descriptions of about fifty beautiful London restaurants. I don't remember the exact name of the book but I think this is it: London's Classic Restaurants: A Guide to Lond... (Paperback)
by Cara Frost-Sharratt ( also carries this title. )