best rental co at EDI

On my last trip to Scotland, I rented with Hertz and was happy. Unfotunately, they are out of the size car that I would like for my next trip. Looking at other companies, Dollar has the best pricing - significantly less than Alamo, Enterprise,etc. Has anyone had any problems with them?

Posted by Ed
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Have you tried using ? There's nothing wrong with Dollar, but they're seldom in the running for best price. Two hints on Turnhouse: 1 - Even if you're traveling feather-light, use a free buggy walking out to where you pick up the rental cars - - it's a good hike, but still faster than riding the shuttle bus. 2 - International arrivals come in on the lower floor of the terminal - - all you'll see are crappy Travelex exchange booths and Travelex ATMs along the wall where the exit doors are. Walk to the far end of the arrivals hall/check-in area (it's small) and go up the escalator to the departures level. You'll get off facing a wall with bathrooms or something right in front of you. Hook around the wall toward the eateries/bars and you'll find a row of regular bank ATMs