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Best Airlines to UK, Ireland

I'd like your comments (positive and negative) about various airlines before we book. We're planning to fly into Heathrow from Los Angeles, and return home via Dublin in September. At present we're leaning towards American Airlines as we can leave in the evening, fly non-stop, arriving at Heathrow at about 10:30 AM. Return flight stops in Chicago.

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"Best" is of course very subjective.

On AA, assuming you get a 777, coach is pretty nice. On a 767, which is what you'll fly out of Dublin, it's a little tighter. Overseas flights on AA have a slightly better seat pitch than domestic. They do serve meals on transatlantic flights in coach, but the drinks are no longer free.

I've never been on any other airline on a transatlantic flight, so I can't compare. AA has 85% of the departures from my home airport.

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My recommendation is British Airways. I've flown with them about a dozen times and have recieved excellent service.

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I have flown to Ireland on three different airlines and have noticed any real difference except to me the seats on American were harder. I just had a horrible experience yesterday with American in Dublin where between a computer failure and just plain inefficiency my flight was six hours late in departing and my luggage still has not appeared.

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Check into British midland as they are haveing some sale fares. Virgin is great but pricey. Also Aer Lingus has good fares/service and I believe from LA.
I flew it 3 yrs back with positive results.

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Thanks for responding. I'll look into Midlands. As to Aer Lingus, I have a large number of friends here from Ireland, nearly all of whom go back at least once a year, and some more often. None of them fly Aer Lingus anymore. Complaints vary from the condition of planes, to the service, to long layovers on connecting flights, to delays and lost luggage. I've never flown it so I cannot say if their criticisms are valid.