Belfast to Scotland

We are going to Ireland with family and my husband and I thought we would continue on to Scotland. We are thinking of taking the train from Dublin to Belfast and a boat to Scotland. Will we have problems getting a train to Glasgow? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Mary Lou

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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That depends on where you land in Scotland. Lots of trains go to Glasgow, and buses too. Glasgow happens to be our favorite city in Scotland.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Mary Lou, Unless you really want to travel by boat, the method I'd use on that route is: > Option 1 - train from Dublin to Belfast and then an EasyJet flight to either Edinburgh or Glasgow. > Option 2 - flight (RyanAir?) from Dublin to Scotland (I haven't checked which routes they offer). A flight would be quicker and a more efficient use of your travel time (IMHO) and possibly cheaper also. Happy travels!

Posted by Thomas
Snyder, Texas
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We flew on FlyBe Airlines from Belfast City to Inverness. I looked at their site. They do fly from Belfast City Airport to Glasgow International. The date I put in shows 3 flights per day, all non stop. We have used FlyBe several times. They have nice planes and were on time each time. It's

Posted by Daniel
Ocean Shores, Wa, USA
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We did the rail-sail from Belfast to Glasgow via Stena lines. Took the first sail around 7AM and ended up in the Glasgow train station around noon. Had bussed from DUB airport the day before. Was a good trip! Dan