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Belfast to Dundee or Edinburgh?

I would be flying from Belfast into Scotland and would like to know if my first destination should be Dundee or Edinburgh.

I would like to visit my university in Dundee and spend at least a day there since I'm travelling there. I've never been to Dundee before and would like to know if I should spend few days visiting the area.

My plan is to spend 5 days in (Dundee, Edinburgh, Lake Windermere).

After Lake Windermere, I would be travelling to Cardiff, Bath, Stonehenge and finally into London. I plan to allocate 6 days for these areas.

Is this plan too ambitious? Please advice. Many thanks in advance.

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Here is my reflection on Stonehenge: I spent an entire day "doing" Stonehenge and was very disappointed. It is an okay stop in the road if you're there, but I wouldn't waste time getting there, standing in line and then get to see it from afar. There are numerous standing stones in the British Isles and most of them are accessible to go into, but Stonehenge, being the most famous is roped off and the biggest rip-off of a tourist attraction. Check and search stone circles. Those who have reviewed tell you which are best to visit.
Dundee is a much smaller city so should be quick although I'm unclear if you are planning to attend there or have a sister school there. These things are do-able in 11 days if you just want a general feel for each location. These are all wonderful areas and you'll probably want to spend more time than you have in each.