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beef safety in england, ireland

My niece is a student in Bath, England. She has been warned to eat no beef there because of Mad Cow Disease. I thought this was under control and no longer a problem. I am leaving for London today and would appreciate the facts. Thanks.

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It's NOT a problem. No one here even thinks twice about eating beef because of BSE. I'd be much more worried about getting sick (BSE or otherwise) from beef in the US.


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The facts - there hasn't been a reported case for over five years.

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I was in the UK in 2001 with a friend, there had been Mad Cow Diesease that year. She ate beef and had no problems at all. But, as Al said there hasn't been any cases for years.

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Hi Sharon,
I think you're quite safe to eat beef here in the UK. I don't think there have been any cases of 'mad cow' for several years- certainly not that I've heard about. Enjoy your visit!

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Your chances of getting BSE are miniscule compared to your chances of getting Kreutzfeld-Jacob disease (a similar disease that occurs spontaneously in humans) and even tinier compared to basic bacterial food poisoning. Bottom line- enjoy the beef!

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My son has both a degree in micro-biology and is studying for his M.D. That given he didn't eat beef for two or three years because the scientific evidence was pointing in so many directions. Several recent (within the past year) controlled (real) scientific experiments have shown that your digestive tract kills off the mad-cow virus UNLESS you have had your toncils out. Why that is so I'm not clear but my son is back to eating beef.