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Beachy Head, Eastbourne

We're hoping to do a day trip out of London (in January) to Beachy Head.

Recommendations if you're traveling by rail? (Read we can get there by rail but have a lot of walking to do or it'd be easier to take a bus/taxi down to the walking area) but I've never been before.

But we're anticipating A LOT of walking for our entire 2 week journey in Great Britain :)

Anyway, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I also just ordered a brochure from Eastbourne :)

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I don't have any help to offer in response to your question, but I wanted to say that the hours of daylight can be quite short that time of year, especially on dull and rainy days (like the one I'm looking at right now!).
I'm sure you know that already, and I hope you have wonderful weather (which can also happen), but I thought it worth a mention.

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Reinforcing what Maggie has said: In January in the London area sunrise is 8am and sunset 4pm, 8 hrs of daylight, 16 hours of night.

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There is a regular bus that goes several times an hour along the coast between Eastbourne and Brighton.
During the summer every other one goes via Beachy Head itself, not sure during the winter.

One of my favourite walks in the UK is to get the bus From Eastbourne to Friston Church. When you get off the bus, follow the lane down by the side of Friston Church past a National Trust Car Park and after about 15 minutes you hit the sea on top of the Seven Sister cliffs. Then simplicity itself, head east along the coast path to Eastbourne. There is a cafe at Birlin Gap and a pub at Beachy Head then descend into Eastbourne. Whole walk takes about 2,5 hours. If you want a longer walk and make a day of it stay on the bus to Exceat where the Seven Sister Country Park visitors centre is. Then follow the river path to the sea and again head east along the coastal path.
When you exit Eastbourne Station bear left from the front entrance along the High Street to the shops, the bus stops are on the right side here.

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Although the daylight hours are short in January and the weather can range from crisp to brutal it will a a beautiful walk along the seven sisters cliff top.

Try and get an early train from London (ideally start in London at say 8am) to Eastbourne then get a bus to say Friston and walk along the South Downs Way back to Eastbourne via Beachy Head. Even if it's raining cats & dogs & the wind is howling, you will have an experience like no other (stay away from the edge if very windy :-). When you are relaxing over a drink in a warm pub in Eastbourne you will be glad you have done the walk and will have great photos.

See the South Downs Way website for detailed info


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Thank you all!

We very much anticipating dark, cloudy, cold and wet days :) meh, that's nothing.. in fact I can't WAIT for it! I want to get out of the heat and dry... Wooo so excited!!!

Thanks again all!

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Tina, First buy yourself a Brit rail pass. Costs about 20 pounds and the pass is good for four adults at 1/3 off the total rail price. You can leave Victoria station after 9:30 to Brighton (1+15). Change in Brighton for Eastbourne (@ 1+00). A 15 minute walk or a 5 min cab ride and you are at BH. Enjoy, Larry

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There are direct trains from London Victoria to Eastbourne broadly every 30 minutes taking 90 minutes. You do not need to travel via Brighton. Current day return fare is 22.40 GBP.
If you have 4 people you can get groupsave fares where 4 travel for the price of 2, you do not need a BritPass.

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Ops- Bob's plan to BH sounds a lot simpler and less expensive than mine if you are a foursome. - BREAK - If you are a group of two and plan on more fun/easy train travel in the Southern area of England (Oxford/Salisbury/Bath) I would still consider a rail pass bought in England. One third off train travel and good for a year.