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Bath to Dublin, Wales in between via train?

We will be staying in Bath for a couple days, then making our way towards Dublin. I'm wondering if it would make sense to stop for a night or two in Wales, and if so, which route might be the most efficient. We will be traveling by train.

It seems my port options are Fishguard or Holyhead, with Fishguard being closer to Bath, but Holyhead going to Dun Laoghaire which seems to be a good candidate for our stay in Dublin.

I've heard Wales is known for their Mead, which interests us as I am a brewer and we have a strong interest in just visiting local pubs. Snowdonia also sounds interesting. Any ideas/help for the logistics of this part of your trip?


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Anyone have any feedback? Really trying to plan this leg of the trip.

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We've also looked into the Rail and Sail option to Dublin and I agree that Dun Laoghaire makes the most sense for the ferry to Dublin. Do you have a few days to travel from Bath to Dublin? If you can work it out you may want to head to Holyhead via Caernarfon and see the castle. We only had mead in Ruthin, but I'm sure that you can get it everywhere in the north.

Wales is definitely a must see; not sure how the rail lines will accomodate your hopes. If renting a car for even part of a day is an option for you it might expand your possibilities.

Good luck and hope it works out!