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Bath and near Bath - Where to spend 4 nights

We have four nights to divide between Bath and near Bath, or even as far as Chichester. Looking for advice on where best to spend our days and nights. I figured on a minimum of 2 nights in Bath. After these four nights we're are off for a week near Canterbury and plan to see many of the gardens and sights in the Kent (Southeast) from here, as well as coastal towns. Our trip also includes a week in the East Midlands and 3 nights in the Cotswolds. Thank you!

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There was a similar question a few weeks ago, from someone who wanted suggestions of places to visit between Bath and Brighton. Obviously you are going a bit further east, to Kent, but you may wish to take a look at the answers given on that occasion: You mention Chichester, which is a short drive or train ride to the east of Portsmouth, which I recommended. Are you mostly interested in gardens?

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I can reccomend Royal Tunbridge Wells as a great little scenic town to stay in for the Southeast as it is centrally located to many of famous gardens and sights. Near Cantebury and Brighton. Also easy access to Gatwick Airport for international flights.

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Kevin, I had conducted a "Bath" search in the "north" traveler's helpline and the particular posting for which you provided the link either didn't come up or it was buried. In any case, thanks so much for providing that. We like both gardens and historical sites. When I first looked at driving to Chichester and Portsmouth from Canterbury might be a bit much so maybe it will be worth a couple nights in that area. Kathleen, thanks so much for the tips on the smaller sites. Some of those we might be able to day trip from Canterbury where we'll spend a week.