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Bath and Cotswold in a day?

Is it actually possible to see Bath and Cotswold in a day? Or are they just not close enough? We are not renting a car and were going to go by train. Thanks!

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ok I just read some more posts about Cotswold and I think I'm miss guided to think I can use public transportation. If I rented a car can I do both in a day? Or should I just see Bath by train and cut Cotswold?

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Amy, Are you going to be staying in Bath at the the time, or going there on a day trip from London (or elsewhere)? Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to have a very brief glimpse of Bath and at least part of the Cotswolds. You can tour bath on your own and then take a day tour to one of the Cotswolds villages with Mad Max Tours. They have a 2H:45M tour (departs 11:00 sharp!) that covers a number of sites. It won't allow much time for exploring but will at least allow you to see the area (always nice when someone else is doing the driving). When you get back to Bath, you could spend a few hours having a look around there. Check their website for details. Cheers!

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Hi Amy, The Cotswolds is a region consisting of a number of villages, rather than just one town. So it would be hard to do it all in one day. Bath is a beautiful city, easy to get to by train. You could easily spend a whole day (or two) there. That's what I would do!

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Amy, I don't think you can do them both in a single day. We sampled the Cotswolds villages in a single day and enjoyed it, but spent a busy 2 days in Bath. You could hit the highlights of Bath in a day, and I would recommend it over the Cotswolds if you have to choose one. Enjoy!

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I'm going to second Steve's suggestion to do a Bath overview in a day if that's all you have. Take the town tour and maybe the Roman Baths and see the church - that would certainly fill an entire day. It's a pretty little city to wander in and enjoy with enough sights that you can see something whatever your interest. The Cotswolds are scattered towns without a "central" place and a big part of experiencing them is to slow down and get into the pace of country life. I don't think you'll be able to do that in 1 day with an agenda. Have a great trip!