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B&Bs England

Mom and two older kids (17&18)are planning a trip to Scotland,England and Wales in August 08. Is it necessary to book B&Bs ahead or is it possible to find them as we go for a reasonable price? Are there many triple rooms out there as we are trying to keep costs down. Thanks.

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As an option for other than B&B's ,book at Traveloge UK, a well priced comfort inn style accomodation that you can book online with many inn locations in England and Scotland. They have cheap family rooms also.

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Really depends where you want to go.

Somewhere like Edinburgh in August is probably already sold out. London will have availabiliy but the best deals will have long gone.
In UK, school holidays are much shorter than North America, kids are only out for the summer holiday last week in July and August, so nearly all families take their main summer holiday in August - so family accommodation is at a premium in August.
Business hotels are the reverse, as all the conferences and business people have a holiday.

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Start thinking of where you want to stay. It is better to book ahead of time for bed and breakfast, otherwise you could waste time trying to find rooms your price range in August. We use Karen Brown Bed and Breakfast books when we are starting to plan our trips. Her web site is - They have places listed in all price ranges. Hope this helps you.

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I am traveling around Ireland/England/Paris with my sister and 16 year old daughter in July. I have been booking triples and have found that many are already full, especially the most reasonably priced. I think you might have a lot of trouble if you don't get reservations soon. Regards

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We have traveled in the UK in August several times. We always book ahead in London and Edinburgh, but when we are out in the country we don't book ahead. Never had trouble finding B&B's, there are so many B&B's that don't list on the internet or other places. They will always offer to show you the room before you decide to take it. Just start watching for B&B signs when you think you want to stop for the day. If you have everything booked that makes you have to be there on that day, and you might get there earlier then you thought and want to go on or you might want to stay some way longer and not able to get to that certain place that night. By not being tied to pre booked rooms then you have the options of how long or how little time you want to spend in an area.

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I would always choose a B&B over a hotel when possible. It's so much more interesting to visit with the locals over breakfast. Do a google search for B&B and then the name of the town you're looking at (smaller towns should be easier to find availability than cities, and off the beaten path should be easier than towns)Websites like are helpful with long lists of entries where you can find out details and compare prices. To keep costs down, hostels are an option. I would do a search for hostels, and then the name of the AREA, rather than a specific city or town. E.g. hostels, Yorkshire or hostels Shropshire. Have a wonderful holiday!

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If you plan to book as you go, I would advise you to find out whether a local holiday, festival or sporting event is being celebrated in the towns you want to visit. While planning for a trip last fall, I was turned down by half a dozen full B&Bs in Edinburgh before one of them mentioned a huge rugby match was scheduled for the first night I'd planned to be there.