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auto insurance in Ireland

This has o be one of the most confusing subjects and has taken hours of phone calls to mastercard and rental agency. in the end, for peace we are going to buy the CDW coverage. We are debating about the super CDW?
Has anyone used (or more importantly, made a claim) with insurance4carhire ? They have better rates and cover more than Super CDW.

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My sister and I have visited Ireland every year since 1997--and dealing with auto insurance there is an ordeal. Sometimes a credit card covers the CDW and sometimes it doesn't--and you get different stories from people who work for the same rental agency. It is very frustrating. We were told last year that credit cards will no longer cover CDW in Ireland. Can anyone confirm that?

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When I was in Ireland in 2005 my WORLD MasterCard covered auto insurance. I have read several places--but I cannot confirm it personally--that as of a year or so ago, ONLY the WORLD MasterCard still covers insurance in Ireland. If you have that card, get a copy of the Master Rental Agreement so you have the current policy in writing.

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I have used several times and they offer many extras that others charge for. They include CDW, no one way drop off fees, and more. Check them out. Hope it helps.

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Insurance depends entirely on your credit card. Certain Mastercards (used to be Gold cards, but not necessarily now) will provide insurance for car rentals in Ireland. Others, and nearly any other Visa or AMEX specifically exclude Ireland, Northern Ireland and a handful of others (Israel, sometimes Australia, Jamaica) from their rental policy. Credit card insurance covers damage to the rental, and is always secondary to any other policy. In the absence of another policy that covers you, it acts as primary.

It is always advisable to obtain insurance in a foreign country. Your home US policy will almost certainly not cover you, and credit cards will not cover damage to any vehicle but your own. At home your own liability coverage would take care of that, hence renting at home and paying CDW is a waste. Not when abroad, however.