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ATM's in Scotland

I am planning using my bank debit card at ATM machines in Scotland. What I'm wondering is if they are as prolific as in other countries (i.e. Italy). I will be in Edinburgh, Inverness, Orkney and Iona, mostly. I was also told that the post offices give the best exchange rate. Soooo, can I count on ATM's or do I need to bring travellers checks.
Thanks for any help, I'm leaving September 22.

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You will be just fine - there are ATMs everywhere here in Scotland. We may be a small country, but are as modern as anywhere else! The only exception is Iona (very tiny, people ferry only) and outside the big towns in Orkney - just stock up before you leave.

Forget the traveler's checks - very few places accept them and you get a terrible exchange rate. Your best bet is ATMs.

Two tips
*Use bank branded ATMs. They will not charge you for taking out money (though your bank might). The private ATMs in pubs and in some locations will charge a fee - and it should be clearly indicated if they do.

*If you need money for first thing on a Sunday, get money on Saturday because the pub/club rush on Saturday nights can sometimes drain the ATMs and they don't get replenished right away on Sunday morning.

*Three different banks issue paper money here, so don't be alarmed if you get different kinds. All perfectly legal.


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just an aditional note - Bank of America has a partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland or Barklays (I forget) and so the ATM fees are free (but the 1% is still there). Deutsche Bank was also free ATMs in Germany. If your BofA - check their international ATM section on the web.

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Bank of America has a relationship with Barclay's as Tom said.

I am in Edinburgh at the moment, and ATM's are plentiful.

Generally, even with fees, they are a better deal and more convenient than traveler's checks; I usually carry about $400 in US travelers in my neck pouch in case of emergency, but I've not had to use it in 7 years of traveling. Rick's neck pouch is heads and above any other one I've tried by the way. The silk really helps!

Enjoy your trip. Scotland is a lot of fun. Especially Edinburgh.