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Arrival into Dublin and rest

Hi fellow travelers - we fly into Dublin at 845 am - I will need to rest before we hit the streets. Any ideas? Check in time is 3 pm.

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Go directly to your hotel to check in. It's possible that your room will be ready early. If they don't offer, ask nicely. Otherwise...maybe the lobby will have comfy chairs?

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Go directly to your hotel, and drop off the bags. We found that getting out in the fresh air and "exploring" works best for us. Expecially when the room/lodging is not available. If it is available we hit up the shower, and then go out. This can be a great day to do the hop-on, hop-off bus tour, or the historical walking tour, or maybe even a biking tour. If we do anything more than a 15-20 minute "cat-nap' we found that our "clock" will not re-set; snd we end up with a bad case of jet lag. In a couple of weeks we will arrive in London at 8 AM. This will be after 17+ hrs of flights and limited sleep. We'll head to our B&B, drop off the bags, shower, and then take in some of the major sites. We make sure that we stay up until at least 9 PM. We sleep "like a log" and awake the next day ready for a lot more.

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Lynne, If at all possible do not rest!! You're body will not reset to the time in Ireland and you will have jet lag. Try to go outside in the fresh air and walk or bike or something. If you can wait and not sleep until that night it will be better. We arrived at 8am and put our luggage in lockers. Then we went to see the Book of Kells and had a picnic in a park. It worked out great and we adjusted to the time difference.