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Approximate cost of 23 days in the UK

I am trying to establish a budget for a 23 day stay in the UK. All my Hotels and B&B are booked as is the rental car and train transportation. What I am looking for is a rought estimate for meals Per day, Gasoline costs per liter and miscelleanous expenses. Can anyone give me some help. Thanks Adam Shawnee Kas
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To be helpful we will need to know where you are going. Costs for entry and misc are higher in some parts of the UK than others. As for meals, that is really in your hands. Breakfast should be covered if you are staying in B&B, lunch can be cheap food from a grocery or kebab stand. Dinner could be VERY pricey, or not more than you would pay back in the States. I average about $15 per person at dinner meals and maybe $10 at lunch. You could do it cheaper, but I like a little bit of comfort! Picnics are fun too, and can be quite cost effective.

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Hi Mike We will be spending 5 days in London Taking the train to Glasgow Fare already paid 2 days in Glasgow Rent a Car in Glasgow Already paid Drive to Iverness 2 days Drive to St Andrews 2 days Drive to Keswich 3 days Drive to Conwy 3 days Drive to Maugersurg 3 days Drive to Eastbourne 3 days Train to London Fare already paid Then chunnel to Paris for a four day stay Thanks

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I estimate 100 pounds per day for meals for 2. That's safely high but it makes sure I have enough money in my accounts to hit the ATM. Fuel is highly dependent on how far you drive each day. To be safe budget 20 pounds per day. Neither of these will run over but they won't be outrageously over.

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Hi Adam What petrol costs today is no indication of its price when you arrive. Today I saw unleaded at £1.36, diesel at £1.41 on the roadside. Figure about 5p to 10p higher on the motorway. I would expect most of the places you are driving to be more expensive, except Eastbourne, as they are either remote, rural, or Scottish. That's UKP per litre.

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We usually average about 10 pounds or less for lunch and maybe 20/25 for dinner (per person) but we don't drink. You will have a big breakfast in AM at your B&B. We stop and get very light lunch so it is usually less than 10 pounds. We stop at grocery stores or little shops that sell what I think is called pasties (little meat filled pies) and that is enough for lunch. In Paris, get a bottle of wine, some cheese, etc and have a cheap and filling picnic in one of the great parks. Depending on what you want to see (such as Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc.) you can look them up on internet and find out admission prices so that will help with some of your budget.