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Appropriate types of shoes for the weather in England in Sept.?

The main thing I'm stressing about with planning my trip to Europe is what shoes to get. I will be arriving in mid-September in London, spending a couple of days in Southeastern England--Bournemouth/Wimbourne area, maybe day trips to Bath and/or Stonehendge. We will also be returning to London for a day or 2 at the of Sept. What kind of weather can I expect at this time in September? After England my friend and I are traveling to the South of France and Cinque Terre in Italy, so they seem easier to prepare for. Do I need warm, close-toed shoes with socks for England?? Thanks for your help!

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Be prepared for rain. I lived in the UK for 7 years, and it is always advisable to expect rain. And it will be cooling off by mid-September. If it were me, I would pack a pair of broken in closed shoes and socks. I always pack sports socks that breathe; these also dry more quickly than all cotton. Have fun!

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Give first, second, and third priority to comfortable walking shoes that are well broken in. You will be doing a lot of walking. It's not the time for shoes you bought the week before. You won't care about style or anything else if a blister or two pops up. If you want somethng a bit dressier for evenings out, pack them and wear the comfy shoes.

By San Diego standards, the UK weather should be coolish, but not chilly. Sweaters and windbreaker stuff. Maybe some rain, maybe some sun. September, I think, is one of the better times to be there.

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Thanks for all the suggestions! I finally bought shoes yesterday that I think I"ll be happy with. I got a pair of Privos (I think Spangle is the design name) that are cute and sort of casual, sorta dressy. Hopefully I can wear socks with them--I'll have to try that out soon. I also ended up investing in a pair of Dansko sandals because they are sooo comfortable and they're cute and will make my feet happy at night after lots of walking during the day.

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I so glad you asked this - I've been wondering, too. The best shoes (for me, anyway) are my crocs! I can walk all day in those things and my feet feel great with no blisters. However, they have holes in them!

So what's better - wear quick drying socks and the shoes that feel wonderful or something all closed in that will keep my feet dry and miserable?