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Anyone know of any current Banksy locations in London?

I have just discovered that the artist Banksy has been scattering his brand of art throughout the United Kingdom (and now the U.S.), and was wondering if anyone has recently seen any of them, and if so can direct me how to find them. We are traveling over to London at the end of this month, and I would love to see one or two of the locations while we are there. I know there are supposedly walking tours and even a book that was published-(called "Banksy locations and tours") but of course it's not availalbe in the U.S. Any help you can give would be great. Thanks!

Heres the website if you are not familiar:

Like it or not-You have to admit it's very original and very interesting.


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I buy lots of books that I can't get here in the states, on Amazon UK - you ought to be able to obtain it before your trip that way? - Julie

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Not my cup of tea but Banksy is brilliant, the way he stealthily breaks into places to put up his art and gets away with it. I did some research on him for a paper I wrote last year about art law, and it seemed like his style was completely unpredictable, you never knew where something of his would show up next!! I don't know how to help you find where his stuff is, but maybe you could buy the book once you arrive? I know it sounds elementary and you probably already tried it, but maybe even try a bunch of different Google search strings like 'Banksy locations London' 'Banksy walking tours London' 'where to see Banksy works in London' etc... I can't imagine you won't come up with something! Good luck and have fun :)