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Anyone been to the Blasket Islands?

On Rick's show, it shows the ferry and then some sort of rubber dinghy you have to transfer in and out of. Has anyone been that could verify how you actually get over to the Blaskets? The ferry would be okay, but not the dinghy! Will weather permit to go over in March do you think? TIA.

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I think they run ferries but if the weather is bad you can always visit the Blasket Islands Center instead. They have a great video and artifacts from the Islands. It's also a nice place to stop and rest from the Dingle Peninsula drive. FYI, I found their little cafe/restaurant to be pretty tasty - I had a baked potato with chicken and cheese on it...a perfect way to warm up from the wind and chilly temps!

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Great Blasket Island is probably my favorite place I have ever been to. You catch the ferry at Dunquin. You have to take a dinghy from the shore to the boat -- it's not far at all. Do not let that keep you from making the trip. It is no big deal. I've been there twice, and one time there was a family with a baby on the trip. If they could manage, so could you! I will say the ferry can be a little rough, and one trip I got a little seasick on the way back. However it was still worth it. The island is incredibly beautiful, and you can hike all over it without running into hardly any people. The ruins of the old village are fascinating.

According to Lonely Planet, the ferry only runs from Easter to September, so you may be out of luck. The Blasket Center should be open though. It's no substitute for the island itself, but it's an interesting museum and worth a visit.