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Any Glaring Errors/Oversights in this Itinerary?

Hi: Think I've got a tentative plan for our upcoming 6 day trip to London with dh, 13 yo dd and 8 yo ds. Trying to accommodate everyone's wishes, but not sure I've got it active/ kid-friendly enough. We're staying near the Tower of London, and I haven't found any parks that are particularly close by. BTW, we've left out a lot of major sights because this is our second trip and we want to see some different museums/sights this time. Thanks so much for pointing out any glaring oversights or mistakes! Thursday: Arrive in London early a.m. Choice of London Walks: LONDON'S HIDDEN VILLAGE – Same City, Different London 10.30 am on Thursdays from Tower Hill Tube OR THE FAMOUS SQUARE MILE – 2,000 Years of History 11 am on Thursdays from Monument Tube, Fish Street Hill exit Lunch – Borough Market if London's Hidden Village Tour, if Famous Square Mile, then lunch at ??? Museum of London in the p.m. Friday: Museum of London Docklands in a.m. National Gallery Tour with London Walks 2.15 pm Covent Garden – dinner Evening show - Matilda Saturday: Hampton Court Palace Sunday: Old Spitalfields Market in a.m. Late a.m. – p.m. Street Art Tour and Workshop Explore Brick Lane for dinner? Monday: British Museum p.m. Harry Potter Studio Tour Thanks,

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I don't see any howler in there but do wonder if putting two really big things like the British Museum - you could spend days and days in there never get close to seeing it all - and the Harry Potter experience in one day is the best idea? You may or may not need all day for Hampton Court Palace. If in the summer and the weather cooperates you might include the quite impressive gardens there. Either of the kiddos into mechanical things? If so there is an exhibition inside Tower Bridge of the working mechanism of the bascule (the lift part of the bridge) which is quite interesting.

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I am assuming you have booked Harry Potter already, but in case you have not, be aware that you have to. It might be a bit much with the British Museum unless you plan to do a quick one hour tour of the Museum, like with RS's audio app or guidebook.

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We did the Harry Potter tour last week... Had 12:30 tickets and stayed till almost 6! My girls are huge fans, so i realize thats more than most will spend, but i would still allow 3 hours. And keep in mind you have to take the train then bus to get there, too. We left Kensington around 10:30 am just to be there on time. I would plan something small with that outing, if anything at all. And you cannot purchase tickets on site. They must be pre ordered. Have fun!

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yes yes yes....Brick Lane? Really...why? Instead of doing brick lane as such why not do a Jack the Ripper tour and they will take you round brick lane safely! You can then decide where you want to go...but for heavens sake out of all of London why Brick lane? try jack the ripper tours with ripper vision.

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I visited the British Museum last week, after last being there many years ago. The place is huge and very tiring. My approach was to select a few rooms/areas that I was interested in and spent a few hours there. there is so much stuff, you just cant do it all in one visit- especially with an 8 and 13 year old. There is a lot of empty space- and shops- and eating opportunities on the Ground floor, with a large stairway to the upper floor. (there is also a small elevator, tucked away).