Amsterdam - lay-over

We are flying from LAX to Copenhagen, then back from Moscow. We have about a 3-4 hr lay-over in Amsterdam each way. Is that enough time to leave the airport? I had the tour book for Netherlands, but can't find it!

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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Schiphol airport is huge, but bery navigateable. There are lots of things to do there such as a branch of the Rijksmuseum, a library, and more shopping than you could hope for. 3-4 hours is not enough time to go outside the terminal. Shop, read, take a nap, eat, look at paintings. If you haven't been there before you will be surprised. To get inside the main terminal you will need to get a boarding pass, if you don't already have one, just inside the entrance. There are self service machines and people to help. Security, then on to the shopping, library, and museum. At the departing gate there is a final security check where you will be interviewed, have your passport recorded, and have your bags to through The Machine. Then you will be in, as we call it, the holding pen. There are toilets there where you can refill your water bottle if you wish. Its all very easy.