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Amount of time to clear customs at Chunnel station?

Help! We are trying to catch a flight after our Chunnel journey.

Question is…do we think we can make our flight from Gatwick at 12:45?…it's gonna be tight

Arrive London Waterloo station at 8:29am
Pick up luggage?
Clear customs
Take tube train from Waterloo to Victoria (takes 18-30 mins)
Take Gatwick express train from Victoria to airport (nonstop 30 minute ride…leaves every 15 mins)
Check luggage, etc.
Do you think we can make it?

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  1. On the chunnel you deal with your own luggage so unless you packed so much you can't deal with it and need a porter, no delay there.
  2. No customs. The Eurostar connects EU contries, no immigration, no customs

I think you can make it without a problem. Just keep moving. If everything goes well you are looking at a 9:30 AM arrival at LGW which is more then the suggested 3 hours....

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To clarify further - customs isn't an issue, as stated. Passport control is not an issue either because you are stamped through before you ever board the train. In other words, you've entered the UK before you actually have left France.

I would estimate you would get to Gatwick by 10:30 at the latest, and probably much sooner if you don't delay hopping the tube and any train from Victoria - don't rely solely on Gatwick Express. Other trains are cheaper, make a stop or two only taking about 5 extra minutes, and cost you half the price as the express.

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I agree with the others about customs and you shouldn't have a big wait at waterloo. The tube to Victoria at Waterloo is a very long walk from the Eurostar platform and with luggage will be tiresome. I suggest a taxi to victoria station.The taxis are right outside the Eurostar platform and the wait is usually short. It would be quicker in the long run and only slightly more expensive than the tube and less exhausting. The Gatwick express is not the only train to Gatwick but is probably the fastest. It should take 30-45 min to get to Gatwick from victoria station. You can buy a ticket at the rail Europe web site.You should be able to get to Gatwick before 11am. Good luck.