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Alternate accomodations

Hi I am planning a trip in April with my daughter and we were initially looking into Hostels as our accomodations in order to save money. Recently I have read about Windu and it would appear that this alternate accomodation may actually be cheaper! Hostels charge per person so they appear to be very reasonable until you consider the cost for 2. My question is.. does anyone have experience with Windu and if so any experience in London Paris and Munich
Thanks Carol

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I have been on the Helpline for several years and have never seen Wimdu (not Windu) mentioned here, nor have I encountered it anywhere in any of my own planning. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but if people here were using it they would have mentioned it. Small hotels and budget chains can often be as cheap or cheaper than hostels for two.

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I've also never heard of Wimdu, but as Nancy mentioned that doesn't necessarily mean anything. One thing to check is whether the properties they offer are in the centre of town, or located somewhere in the suburbs. I find it much nicer to be close to the main sights so that I can walk and tour at my own speed. Having to use public transit to get into town will add to your costs.

One point to mention about Hostels, is that usually with the double rooms they often charge per room. You might have a look at the HI HOSTELS website. They tend to have multiple properties in many cities, the facilities are fairly constant between one location and the next, and they're well run. Having a membership provides cheaper prices and preferred booking.

Have you checked Guidebooks for each city you'll be visiting? They have listings for good hotels in various parts of each city and in different price ranges.


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My understanding is that Wimdu is a lot like Private listings where you make arrangements with the owner of the lodging. If you are thinking about Wimdu you should also check out airbnb - it's very similar and may have other listings to give you more choice. We have used airbnb as have quite a few family members and friends. All have had wonderful experiences in many countries around the world and the U.S. There's something for every budget and you can get far better prices than hostels or hotels.