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Airfare to Dublin

I am traveling next Sept/Oct and wondering how to get a good fare from Denver. Someone suggested 330 days out which it is but the fares are about $900+. I know I have seen them for less. Should I wait awhile? What is a reasonable fare? Thanks!!!

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Hi Alex, The cost of a ticket has went out of sight due to the fuel surcharge. As a guess I think you should wait to purchase your ticket in the hope that the price of oil will come down and in turn reduce the price of you ticket. There is no oil shortage, so unless there is some international crisis that threatens the oil supply, prices should begin to come down.

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I'd wait until 3-4 months before your departure. I'm flying to London in a few weeks and when I checked prices last November, as soon as fares were released, they were $800. About August they dropped to $600, and then to $480 in September. Go to and Orbitz and set an alert for Dublin. They will e-mail you each time the price drops. For Sept/Oct from Denver, I would bet you could get it for $600-700. The later in Sept/Oct you go, the cheaper it will be.

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I would advise waiting. Prices generally come down after the holiday period. You're almost a year out from traveling, so you have plenty of time to watch the prices to see what is common. That way you'll know a good deal when you see one. I travel out of Chicago, so your prices would be higher than what I experience and I'm afraid I don't know what a good deal would be for you.

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We waited until February to book our airfares for September this year and got really good prices. One of the current problems is that everything is going up because of gas prices.

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Aer Lingus web site is a favorite on my computer. Just keep checking.

Keep your eye on the Dollar vs. Euro. That has an impact on our prices here.

I was going to go home this June, howerver, the dollar is so weak I may have to wait another year to go home to visit.

The dollar is so weak right now & the Irish can come to the states so cheaply that they actually fly into NY for the weekends this time of year to get deals for Christmas and fly home. GRRRR....