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Airfare for open jaw NYC to Scotland and Ireland - good deal/normal price or wait for price to drop?

I will be traveling to Scotland and Ireland in late May and am wondering whether to pull the trigger on buying the airfare now. It looks like $800 for an open jaw from NY to Scotland and departing from Shannon back to NY. Does this sound reasonable for late spring airfare? It seems high to me, but I really have no sense of where prices should be for Europe in late spring.

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It sounds reasonable. It sounds close to what my work colleagues seem to be paying to travel to the UK these days. The only way that they find cheaper fairs is by doing a strict round trip and combining it with a hotel. A number try that.

I'll be interested to hear if anyone else has different info.


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It sounds very reasonable to me. Yes it could go down but it could also go up. If it was my choice, I would book it and not look back.