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Affordable Accomodation Outside Stockholm

Does anyone have reccondations of easily accessible and affordable accomodations outside of Stockholm that are easy to access from Arlanda at 1 AM?

(I think for the most part I am stuck looking at something City Centre or Staying at Arlanda for the 1st night.)

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Mike: The Arlanda airport is ~30 miles north of the city. At 1 a.m. life would be so much easier to just give in and book an airport hotel with guaranteed 24 hour reception to check you in. Google Earth software (free download) will show you the hotels nearest the airport, just check the lodging layer.

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Haven't stayed at any of these yet, but we did book the Quality Inn Arlanda for our trip in July. These 4 were the one's we were looking at before our group decided on the Quality Inn. Note-Prices all ranged from $130-$180 for the dates we looked at.

Radisson SAS-There is also one inside the airport, but was much more expensive. Had free airport shuttle.

Quality Inn Arlanda-also free shuttle

Hotel Connect Arlanda-Seemed a bit below the quality of the above 2. Charge 100SEK for some shuttles

Arlanda Hotelby-Set up like a small village. Seemed like it would be a different type of place to stay.

The person we're visiting in Stockholm recommended the Quality Inn or SAS. Hope this helps!