Advice on getting from Dublin to London

Got a good fair to Dublin with my actual destination being London as part of a 14-day GB journey. Don't plan on spending time in Ireland (spent almost a month there not too long ago) but wouldn't mind ferrying over and then catching a traineven tho flying is less costly. I arrive in Dublin at 9AM on a Wed. in early April. Does this make sense? I'm not sure I'll get to see Wales otherwise. Is the route scenic? Do many get seasick on the ferry? I know there's more than one ferry serviceis one preferrable over the other? I believe I can catch a bus from the airport and then transfer once to a shuttle for about 9 euros. All suggestions are welcome and thanks.

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I took the ferry from Wales to Dublin once. I liked the ferry ride. The sea was smooth and nobody seemed to get seasick. You can move about the ferry and eat, watch the sea, rest, etc. I think it took several hours. Once you arrive in Wales, there are various choices for how to get to London. I passed thru Chester getting there; a little like York but smaller. There are a couple of towns not far from the ferry terminal in Wales. You could stop there.

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Hi Janet, I've not done it for years, but you can book a sail and rail ticket from Dublin to London for about 46 euros. Here is the offer from StenaLine. Irish ferries have the same offer and don't think there is very much difference between them.... Jim.

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Your choices are Irish Ferries or Stena. They pretty well match prices for a single segment, I've no idea which one is involved with the rail package nor would I have any reason to one over the other. There's not much of interest for 'stereotypicl Wales" until you get off of Anglessey. Once you're off the the island, the first decision point is Bangor (west to Caernarvon or continue east to Conwy). Ive no idea if you can break the journey with a package. If you can't stop, the crossing of the Menai is interesting. The run from Bangor to Connah's Quay has some water views from the left side of the train. Western England is about like eastern Wales. I've no idea what you can see from the roadbed once you start heading south. All water looks the same once you're out of sight of land. Unless you can actually stop in Wales or are enthused about the idea of riding a ferry, the entire notion leaves me scratching my noggin.

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Thanks all, for the responses. I simply thought a train ride and a ferry crossing would be a nice (i.e. scenic and relaxing) way to get from Lon -> Dub, or vice versa. It seems now that I will not be able to ferry the same day as I arrive in Dub so it looks as if I'll be flying from Dublin -> Lon.
Anyway, any airline recommendations? I can book well in advance since I've got my dates lined up. I'll have carry-on only.

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Aer Lingus and Ryan are the cheapos. AE goes to either Heathrow or Gatwick, depending of the day of the week. Ryan goes to Gatwick, a bit further out, but also to Luton and Stansted (both of which would be non-starters if I were heading for central London).