advice on 3 nights stay and be back in dublin at 8 am on 4th day

Hello, I thought I had our first 3 nights itinerary worked out but would like some tips and suggestions from those of you who have made this drive before. arrive on april 29 at 7 am, rent car by 8 planning to drive to dingle, but rethinking, was planning on staying in dingle for 2 nights and on third day driving up the coast to galway stopping at cliffs. But then I found out we need to return car to airport on 4th morning by 8 am. I think that's to far and we would disturb everyone in the B&B that early. My questions,
1. should we go a different route that would be "easier" on day one, going south instead of west? 2. Is there somewhere we could stay close to dublin ( not in dublin, we will be there a week) that would be maybe 30 minutes to the airport? 3. Should we only stay 1 night in dingle, and then move on to galway on day two? I am worried we will be so jet lagged. 4. I would like to incorporate castles into our tours and wondered if there are any on our way 5. In dingle or galway is there a place to see traditional irish dancing? thanks for any help or advice

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