Accomodations in Oslo and Bergen

Do you know of reasonably priced accomodations in both Bergen and Olso?

Posted by gone
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hi, im not sure what is reasonable? also, "reasonable" will depend on WHEN youre going and WHERE youre going. try looking at "". input the country, city and check what type of lodging you want and the price ranges. for your info, "" is just one of many sites too. Play aroud with the site and look at the map and such. get an idea on what youre going to do/see and where you want to stay. Happy trails.

Posted by Harold
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Have you looked at Rick Steves Scandinavia or Rick Steves Snapshot Norway? They cover Bergen and Olso pretty well. And, since Norway is one of the world's most expensive countries, he's found most of the "deals" to be had - not just with lodging, but also with food (equally important). One very important point: in summer, prices go down in those cities. That's because business travelers aren't there; when they are there, prices can go way up. That's why the time of year is so important; some hotels that are not a good value most of the year can become a good value in the summer, and vice versa. This is all outlined in Rick's books. I was there in 2003, so I don't know if my hotels (found in the book), which were good deals then, are still good deals now. One money-saving tip: the Olso Card can be a great bargain. Mine cost $50 for 3 days, but I used about $75 worth of value (it covered transit and admission to almost everything of "sightseeing interest" in the city). Look at it closely. However, Rick goes to great pains to point out that the Bergen Card is becoming a worse value every year.

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hi again, youre welcome. what Harold said too. im heading there this sept. If you want to have some fun, look at hotel prices in june and then look at Sept - SURPRISE! i dont like crowds so i thought it would be good to go to the Scandinavian countries in Sept - NOT!. Not a good idea but im committed now. what nice is that i will know the next time since i will be going back. happy trails.

Posted by Tom
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I'll just throw out the place I stayed. As the others implied, it will be considerably cheaper in summer. Hotel Continental. The biggest advantage is the location. Right by the National Theater and it's t-bane stop, which is also served by the Flytoget direct service to the airport. It's also right around the corner from the RĂ„dhus and harbor.

Posted by Lola
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Try Hotel Augustin in Bergen. We have stayed there a number of times, always nice. It is well- located near the harbor, on the side opposite the Bryggen but well within walking distance of that and the main square. Hotel Admiral is nearby on the water but more $$$. But either one might have good weekend rates if that coincides with your stay. The good news is that breakfast in Norway is a substantial affair. If I remember rightly, at the Augustin it included eggs in addition to the breads, cheeses, smoked salmon, etc. but that may have changed.