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accommodation pricing...

First let me apologize, this is probably a very obvious question, I've never traveled with anyone before and I'm not sure how to interpret rates for more than one person. If there is a price of say $100 for a double at a B&B in England is that price per person or the overall rate for the room? I've seen some that indicated it was per person...or would it be a place by place thing where you'd have to ask...silly question I know but many thanks in advance. If it means anything I'm looking in the British Isles.

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It should be clear on the website (assuming that is what you are looking at) whether it is per person or per room. In my experience it can be expressed either way. 100USD is just over 60GBP - which would be the price of the room and breakfast - it would be very unlikely to be per person.

I am a bit out of touch with B & B prices but I think that would be about the normal price - depending on a variety of things, including whether the room has its own bathroom or not. Remember you - or both of you - will get a very hearty breakfast included!

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Usually, in Europe, when just booking a room, including a B & B, the price is for the room and the number of people it's meant to occupy. A Single is for one person. A double or twin is for two people. A triple for three.

When you start getting into package and meals, room and car, etc, that you will see pricing per person.

As with everything , there are exceptions to the rules which is why it's best to read the fine print.

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I'm not sure it's too helpful to generalise about Europe in this case as it is common to charge per person here in the British Isles. The important difference is between B&Bs and hotels.

The way things work in Britain and Ireland is that most hotel rooms are priced per room, each room is for a maximum number of people - as Frank II said.

B&Bs (and some ultra-budget hotels) do charge per person. Often these places will charge a "single supplement" if one person wants to stay in a room designed for two. It would be unusual to see a "proper" hotel charge per person.

I know people usually like to disagree with him but, in this case, Steve of the vague location is correct - if the price is per person it will say so. If the price is still unsure I'd say, as a rule of thumb, that if you can imagine Rick Steves staying there is may well charge per person; everywhere else it's per room.

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This is confusing to me as well. New traveler to Europe. I am looking into BB's in Scotland and London and the majority say per person per night so if the fee is $40 pp/pn and for two nights will the price be $80?


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Yes; $40 per person, per night would be $80 total if one person stayed two nights. For single travellers it will be worth reading the terms and conditions carefully to make sure there is no single supplement (if it's not specified there shouldn't be one.)

One thing that just occurred to me is that my answers are predicated on the assumption that the B&Bs are using normal British terminology. I noticed that people are giving prices in dollars; if you're looking at US based booking sites then all bets are off and US norms may well apply.