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Abbey Road

Hello. I want to visit Abbey Road and Apple Studios while in London. Any tips on what day/time to visit or walking tours?
I realize Karen posted something similar below, but I think she is planning on visiting Liverpool - I am not.

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You don't need a tour if you just want to see the studio and cross the walk. Just tube on over to St.John's Wood and get the free card from the little Beatles coffee shop outside the tube station. There were tourists already there when my wife and I arrived in front of the studios. What an amazing place to be, so much history. I loved it! Seeing the facade of 3 Saville Row was also exciting. I didn't have the exact address with me but it looks just as it did in 1969 and since I had seen 'Let It Be' a few times, I recognized it right away.

Abbey Road Crosswalk and Recording Studio:

3 Saville Row:

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Definitely take the tour given by Richard. He is considered one of Britain's foremost authorities on the Beatles. There isn't much this guy doesn't know.

I took his tour in 1993 and he's still giving it. It was terrific. You do go to Abbey Road but you don't go into Abbey Road Studios (it's not open to visitors.)

But if you're a Beatles fan, the tour is worth every penny.

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Hi Emily,
Yes, I am visiting London. Go online and Google Beatle tours London. You'll see different ones. I'm picking ones that are done my Richard. You simple show up at the time the tours are given, 11:00am mostly and have a 1&2 zone ticket for the tube. Seems it's needed on the two tours he gives on Abby Road and his second tour which covers other areas the Fab Four lived with.

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Sorry, my cat decided to send the email before I finished.

I Googled - London Beatles Tours, and found Richard.

One tour is called In My Life Walk. It's on Tuesdays at 11:20, and one on Saturday at 11:20. He gives a second walk called Magical Mystery Tour on Sunday and Thursday at 11:00, and on Wednesday at 2:00pm. The tours cost 7 pounds per person and lasts just over two hours.
The short tube journey is to St John's Wood for Abbey Road. To save time, they ask that you purchase a travel card for Zones 1&2 before coming on the tours.

He states that tours take place in all weather.

Enjoy your time in London and wear your money belt!