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a few hours in Copenhagen?

I have several questions that follow from each other. I'm going to Vienna in September and have a 7-hour layover in Copenhagen. I am toying with the idea of looking at the city and being back about 2 hrs before my connecting flight.

1. Is that enough time to see a few sights, say by taxi or bus?
2. If so, will they let me out of the airport for such a short time (and is there a locker arrangement on the secure side to stow my bag)?
3. Can I just use a credit card or do I need some cash? I hope I don't need cash since I want to keep it simple.

Thanks all in advance. I'm sure someone has dealt with this before, it seems to be a hub.

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There are ATMs at the airport. It's unlikely that everything you want can be charged, such as snacks. You'll need the euros in Vienna anyway.

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Hello Peter. Congratulations to you ! You are going to two of the greatest old cities in Europe. If a person will actually be in Copenhagen for 7 hours, that is enough time for a visit in the city Copenhagen. Acquire Danish money in the airport, at either an ATM, or at the money exchange place that is located near the baggage pick-up place. The airplane that you will be in could arrive later than the scheduled arrival time. And the boarding of your second airplane is likely to begin at a time that is 40 minutes prior to the planned time of departure. When you go out of the Copenhagen airport (when your passport is stamped) look at your watch, to see exactly what amount of time you can be away from the airport. On a typical day (not a Saturday or Sunday) I guess you might be able to be out of the airport for 5 hours and 30 minutes before the boarding begins for your second flight. That is if you will not pick up your baggage at that airport, and if you already have your boarding pass for the second flight when you arrive at the Copenhagen airport. Ride in a train to the city. If you want to eat a very good big meal at Copenhagen, I recommend walking from the main train station to the Riz Raz vegetarian buffet restaurant, it is located between the Stroget and Christiansborg Palace. The price there is not high at lunch time (11:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.). Look at your watch when you arrive at the main train station, and know the amount of time that you can be in the city before getting on a train to return to the airport. You might have enough time to go to and in the Rosenborg Castle (Rosenborg Slot) and its Royal Danish Treasury: I highly recommend it. Ride in a Taxi from the train station to Rosenborg Slot. If not, you may have time to walk to Nyhavn (canal) and talk with Danish people there, and get some sun light on your face and arms. Getting out of the Copenhagen airport is pleasant and easy and quick. The place to buy a train ticket is near the passport check.

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1717 posts Copenhagen, if you go to the Rosenborg Castle : if you go from it to the central train station, you could walk from the castle to the Norreport S train station, and ride in a S train to the Central Station and the airport. A tourist information place is in the airport. Acquire a map of Copenhagen there. If you can not afford a taxi ride from the central train station to Rosenborg Castle, ride in a S train from Central train station to Norreport S train station, and walk to Rosenborg castle. If you want to eat food in Copenhagen, but not a complete meal, I liked the thick waffle with frozen yogurt on it, available at a very small eatery that serves grilled meats, located on the Stroget.
If you want more information, send a Private Message to me. I flew to Copenhagen in May, 2007.

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With such a limited time, I suggest you check the schedules for the Hans Christian Anderson walking tours of the City. We went on 3 seperate tours and found them to be the best introduction to Copenhagen and the Danes we could have immagined. Most tours last 90 minutes (to 2 hours max). It's recommended by RS. For more info go to his website:

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Thanks again folks. If I have further questions I'll send privately.

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And there is always the hop-on, hop-off tour.

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Nyvaven old prt would be great - have a hot dog and beer and maybe even take the cruise if you have time. The park by the castle is also very picturesque on sunny days.