Staying in So Kensington area for a week. Any ideas for local restaurants-not high end-would be appreciated.

Posted by Kathleen
Camano Island, WA, usa
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Lots of restaurants in the shopping districts near you. Just read their posted menu. Eat Pub Food. Eat Deli Food. Save money and take "Pret" food and beer back to your room. "Pret" is their word for carryout.

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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Not in English it isn't. ("Pret" would refer to the pricey pseudo-French Pret a Manger sandwich bar chain, in the UK)

Posted by david
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Hereford Arms pub has delightful food and is on Gloucester Road a block or so from the tube station. Burgis Street is a wonderful Singapore restaurant. And, we enjoyed the Thai Square near the So. Kensington tube station.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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English for carryout is take-away. I have never seen Pret used in that way. Pret-a-Manger is pseudo French for ready to eat, and as mentioned it is a specific chain food place name. Pret-a-Porter is real French for ready to wear, in other words off the rack.

Posted by Ron
southwest, Missouri, U.S.A.
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Maggie Jones restaurant, at 6 Old Court Place. A very short distance from Kensington Church Street, near High Street Kensington "Tube" station. A very small restaurant, the prices are not low. A fun place. Telephone 020/7937-6462. Reservations are recommended.

Posted by Beverly
Kansas City, Missouri
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I love The Stockpot restaurant. I know there is one on Old Compton Street but can't remember the address. They have good food at reasonable prices. And yes, Take Away is the English version of our carry-out.

Posted by Grace
Kingwood, TX, USA
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I am so appreciative of all your suggestions. Am keeping a list of them. Thank you very much.

Posted by Christopher
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There is a very good take out pizza place on Earls Court Road right by the Sainsbury's local. I think it might be run by Russian gangsters but its really good pizza. It also stays open late into the morning if you're not into Kabobs.

Posted by Stephanie
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I like to pick up food at Whole Foods when I am in London. There is one in Kensington and a few more throughout the city, including Piccadilly Circus.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Since you are staying in an apartment, perhaps go to Bute St., there are plenty of places to eat there, but also a farmers market on Saturdays where you can buy provisions.

Posted by Arn
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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Maggie Jones is a great restaurant for lunch. The prices get
a little steep for dinner.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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If you'd like to save yourself a few pounds and also get dinner over a little quicker (handy if you are going to the theatre), you can buy lots of good munchies and wine at the Simply Food stores scattered around central London. Or you can splurge and buy some gourmet treats at Fortnum and Mason near Picadilly. If your room has a microwave (fairly common), you have even more options.

Posted by Grace
Kingwood, TX, USA
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Staying in an apt. so good to know about about options

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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M&S Simply Foods are mini versions of the food halls in the Marks and Spencer (M&S) stores. The stores carry a wider range of fresh and prepared foods, the Deli counters are especially good.

Posted by Nancy
London, UK
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On Bute Street there is a little French sandwich shop - I think it is Bonne Bourche??? It starts with Bonne. I am in this area a lot and they have the best value for money for a baguette sandwich, drink and sweet - you get change back for a fiver. The French school is very close so this place is hugely popular with the French students. Best advice is to go before noon.

Posted by Grace
Kingwood, TX, USA
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Nancy, have been to Bonne Bouche twice already. Love it. Just ate at Hereford arms pub, also very good. Love this graffiti wall.

Posted by Lee
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The Bunch of Grapes in Brompton Road is an old pub that has good food and drink at a reasonable price. We were there last month after many years absence and were happy to see it is still good. Went for a drink and stayed for dinner. On the borderline of South Ken and Knightsbridge.