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Dublin Airport

I'm dreading having to drive out of dublin airport, our flight arrives at 1pm so roads are going to be hectic, I've to drive to cork and I believe that there are major roadworks at the moment that even Dubliners are trying to avoid. Any tips?
Can't get the train as our departing flight is at 5am.

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Just stay a night at Travelodge Inn nr airport. Or cope with traffic.

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Once you get out of the airport and onto the main road out the driving isn't difficult (remember your right shoulder is next to the line). We landed a/o 1 and were on the road o/a 2 p.m. 10 miles out and traffic was very light. Traffic and roadworks are a fact of life, just factor in extra time. Definately stay at the airport the night before you leave. Try hot-wire for a good deal. I've gotten great rooms at Heathrow for $75 that way.

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When I last flew into Dublin I rented my car from Irish Car Rental. Their pickup lot was offsite (but on the main road), so I shuttled to the office and left from there. They directed me to a back road out to the motorway so I could avoid driving through town. The road runs between the airport and the rental lot and winds around a bit, but it gave me a chance to get used to driving on the other side of the road again before hitting the motorway traffic. Your car rental company might be able to give you advice about the best way to avoid the congestion and construction.