Night train Oslo to Stockholm

I am going to be heading to Stockholm from Oslo on 16 June 2013, and was hoping to take the night train. In Rick's 13th ed. Scandinavia, he states that there is a: "direct 9-hour night train in summer only." And I have found a few other (older) postings from travelers online that makes it seem like this does happen. However, I have been unable to find an actual schedule for this train online, and it makes me nervous to count on it. I emailed SJ, and it seems this may not be offered any more. Does anyone have definitive information to share on this? Thanks!

Posted by Lynne
Portland, Oregon
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To close the loop on this, I received a reply from SJ: "SJ will not run any night trains between Stockholm and Oslo summer of 2013. We hope you will find some other departures that suits you."

Posted by Don
San Francisco, California, USA
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Hi Lynne -- Guess you saw the reply with the bad news on the night train. I was planning on doing the same ... in August. Just curious if you've decided on what you'll be doing instead. Earlier train? Bus? Plane? Another night in Oslo?

Posted by Susan
Sherman, TX, United States
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We are in Trondheim, Norway now. We priced both - train and air - and like you have mentioned - unfortunately the overnight train is no longer available. We bought airfare with SAS for about $450 for 2 tickets from Oslo to Stockholm. We'll be staying 4 days in Stockholm after the conference my husband is attending here. We love Scandinavia 2nd time here! Good luck on your travels!