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Car rental in UK

Will anyone recommend a GOOD/RELIABLE car rental co in order for us to rent(& return) a car in Edinburgh?

After reading most of the postings on the message board relating to autoeurope, europe-by-car, etc... I'm at a loss as to what company we should go with ....
I had about decided to go with Gerry w/autoeurope.... his email rates to me seem good....but now I don't know???
Help! Anyone!

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Thank you so much Kate!!! We had planned on renting the car @ the airport, driving into Edinburgh & spending the nite before heading out to Aberdeen the next morning (a Friday). Maybe we should change our plan??? I think I will try EuropeCar....

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I think my parents used EuropeCar which handled the account for one of the big rental car companies. We had no problems other than a flat tire.

I would carefully read the contract so you have proper coverage and know which company to call in case of a breakdown. And know your rights. AA wouldn't come where we broke down near the small ferry to Mull, and wanted us to go to Oban to get a new tire even though we weren't going near there at all. We bought a new tire in the only shop on Mull and after explaining at the rental agency, we got reimbursed in cash at the airport.

Do make sure you rent at the airport and take public transport to get there or depart from the airport direct to places outside of Edinburgh - don't drive into Edinburgh. It will be particularly bad to drive in centre city for the next 6 - 8 months because of major roadworks related to the new trams.


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In Edinburgh I have always used Arnold Clark Car Hire and have been very happy. They are a local company that also sells cars.

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We always use Hertz or Avis. Yes, they're a bit more pricy but if you have any problem on the road they're there for you. Sometimes a solid deal is worth the money. Be advised that a second person authorized to drive can jack up the price no matter what rental company you choose. You do not need an international driver's licence in the U.K. Your U.S. driver's licence is acceptable (this is not always the case for the late entries to the EU).

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AutoEurope is a consolidator with contracts with several rental companies. For example, in Ireland my car was from Budget and in France it was from Europcar. I got excellent service from AutoEurope. They will either match or beat any price you find on your own.

Call their toll-free number to ask about any specials that don't appear on their Web site.

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Thanks Everyone for the great info! Happy Traveling!

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Tami, I normally use a Travel Agent to book car rentals. I usually use Hertz in the U.K., but for my trip last fall the TA recommended National, as the price was apparently a bit better.

Everything was great with the rental, but you might consider getting the extra cost LDW, as it could avoid problems. When I returned the car, they found a small "ding" in the back of the vehicle, which they attributed to someone backing into the car in a parking lot. With the LDW, there was no problem. It's possible the mark was there when I rented the vehicle - it was so small, I doubt anyone would have noticed. Next time I'm planning to take digital photos of the car at the time of rental.

Be sure to have good Maps (Michelin) and/or a GPS unit. I used a GPS on the last trip, and it really helped on a couple of occasions. I believe the Maps are sold in Rick's travel store?

Happy travels!