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schengen visa

hi i come to the schengen area on april 18th n i am leaving on 12 but i am returning oct 13 i was wondering since i am leaving for three month am i allowed to return for another three month stay because technically i am leaving for a total of 178 days just i left the schengen area after 85 days.... can i reenter? if anone can help me answer my question please and thank you

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I'd love to help you and I'm sure I have the answer. I can't though because your one long sentence with abbreviations and lack of punctuation makes me not sure of your exact circumstances. Can you try again, please? What is the 12 about?

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No, your legel reentry date would be October 16. The fact that you stayed less than 90 days the first time doesn't matter. Your original 180 days doesn't end until October 15.