8 days in Wales

We (2 adults) have 8 days to spend in Wales. What are the "don't miss" places to see? And, we prefer Bed & Breakfast accommodations, or local inns - any suggestions? Are these places best to get by train, coach/bus, or car? We will be coming from Scotland and will return to London from Wales. Thank you so much for any experienced tips!

Posted by Charlie
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Do you have RS Great Britain 2013 Guide Book yet? If so, great. If not, I would suggest you get one as soon as you can (you can order it elsewhere on this web site and it is currently on sale) as it has lots of information you will find very useful in planning your trip as it covers Wales.

Posted by Sally J.
Rainier, Oregon, USA
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Thank you, Charlie! I have ordered the the guide, just thought there might be some other comments.

Posted by Brian
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Sally, once you have read up something on Wales and have an idea what interests you, we could give you some more pointers and "dont miss"ights. But again, wales is a fairly large area with many different areas of interest

Posted by Kira
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You should also search the site for Wales stuff. I know I answered a question about Wales last week - someone worried that 2 weeks would be too long. We disabused him/her of THAT notion pretty fast! :-) But yes - let us know the things you are into, and we can point you in the right direction.

Posted by John
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While you are in Wales, and if you go to Cardiff, there are several interesting things about. There is a nice castle, wonderful covered market, and a nice Roman Bath close by. While in Cardiff, try a Brains beer. Makes Guinness look pale.

Posted by Sally J.
Rainier, Oregon, USA
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Wow! This travelers helpline is great. Brian, Kira and John, thank you for replying! We will be on a pilgrimage to the Isle of Iona the previous week. We are interested in continuing our spiritual journey in Wales, so are interested in outstanding ancient sacred sites, Celt, Christian, Druid, whatever. I am reading Martin Palmer's book, "The Spiritual Traveler" which is great, but, it is difficult to pick which sites to see in the time we have. We are also interested in local culture, textiles, festivals, inns, art, history and good food & drink! (Will give that Brains beer a try for sure, John!) I have traced my ancestors to Wales and will be trying to find some trace of them also. (13-14th century)

Posted by Rebecca
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Now that you have already ordered your Rick Steves Guide, you may also want this one in addition. The Rough Guide Wales is 488 pages and 50 maps, just about Wales: http://www.roughguides.com/website/shop/products/Wales.aspx It details sacred sites, castles, etc. and has them mapped out for you. It also has lots of B&B's, inns, and pubs listed for each area. It would be difficult for us to recommend places to stay, because we don't know yet which towns and villages you will be visiting.

Posted by Gail
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We only took one day there from Bath to Tintern Abbey and spent night at what I seem to remember is called The Rectory not too far from the abbey, nice B&B. There is not too much left of the abbey but very peaceful.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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Get an Ordnance Survey map-the ancient ruins of 'pagan' sites are marked on them. My sister and I spent a wonderful day on Anglesley walking through farmer fields, past cows, etc. to see cairns and ruins.

Posted by Ed
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OS maps are the gold standard and will set you back quite a bit. Also, they come in a variety of scales, so don't get larger than you'll need. A regular old A-Z Map will do just as well for about fifteen bucks. The Megalitic Portal has more than you want to know about prehistoric sites, with pictures. A little more help on what interests you would be helpful. I've probably spent close to a year, off and on, stomping around in Wales and I ain't about to start typing in the blind.