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Christmas in Ireland?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Ireland over the Christmas holidays. Does anyone have good suggestions for where to reserve dinner on Christmas day (in or around Dublin)? Any other advice for an Irish Christmas is appreciated.

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Patton, About the only restaurants you will find open on Christmas will be the ones in hotels and possibly some Asian ones.A great deal of Ireland closes down between Christmas and New Years so it may be advisable to check ahead and make sure the places you plan to visit will be open.

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DO NOT MISS A DAY TRIP TO THE RING OF KERRY!!! try to get there by lunch and have a wonderful time at the Waterville Inn right on the water - then take a misty, chilly walk along the ocean front [hey it is the Atlantic!] - Waterville was the vacation home of Charlie Chaplin and Payne Stewart [loved by the all residents].

Also make sure you hit the Hat Shoppe in St. Stephens beautiful shopping tower [the tall white building with cascading flowers & Christmas decor]. Say hello to my Uncle Paddy Hamill, he will fit you with a true Irish hat and warm topper for the hubby.

Get yourself to the church in Donnybrook - which is on the bus line - instead of overdone St Patricks. It will give you the 'local' flavor of Dublin.

Relax, listen to some good music, talk to locals only...stay away from 'hey whats the Eagles score sort of thing'...the locals will even lead you to the latest ceilah. Be a traveler.

Cheers x

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Update for future inquirers: My husband & I ended up buying picnic supplies at at local grocery on December 23. (We kept the supplies in our B&B's refrigerator.) We had a lovely time (& a lovely spread) dining al fresco in the Dalkey Harbour area. It turned out to be quite a charming Christmas feast.