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Ceremony of the Keys

I want to request tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. I tried going to the USPS and requesting an international reply coupon (as outlined in Rick's book), but they said they don't sell those anymore. Has anyone requested these tickets lately, and if so, what did you send with it for a response?

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I posted the same question a couple of months ago. I am sad to say, nobody was able to give me any useful information. I went to, at least, 3 different USPS offices and they each told me the same thing. They do not sell them anymore. I even printed out their (USPS) webpage - it stated that they still sold them. USPS said that the webpage has not been updated - they simply do not sell them anymore. I am hoping Rick has an update in his 2008 Great Britian. If you find anything out - will you please post a reply so I can get them as well. Thanks in advance.

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Did you check out the official web site? - - it states - Requests for Tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys
Tickets are issued free of charge but, due to the popularity of the ceremony, it is necessary to follow the correct process for applications.

Please apply in writing including the following with your letter:
Names of all attendees
Two possible dates you can attend for at least two months in advance (three months in advance if you wish to attend in July or August)
A self-addressed envelope together with the requisite British postage stamps, or a minimum of two International Reply Coupons (Coupon-response International). Please note that American or other non-British stamps are not valid in the UK.
Please post applications to:
Ceremony of the Keys Office
Tower of London
Great Britain
Tel: +44 (0)20 3166 6278

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I just purchased two of these at the USPS in my town. The clerk was not knowledgable about the "coupons" but asked another co-worker and found them. They did have difficulty finding them in their computer base but eventually located them (to bill me). I have the receipt right in front of me and the product description reads $1.85 Intl Reply Coupon.

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Stacie is right. If at first you don't succeed..etc. I had to go to a couple of post office branches to find someone who knew what I was talking about.

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Thanks for the feedback. At least I know my USPS is not crazy! I am going to try several.

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I sent a letter with two international reply coupons (they sold me two at Arlington Post Office for $1.80 each) stating my request to get 4 tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys along with the individual names for each ticket and two different dates for attending. Along with the two reply coupons I also sent a self addressed envelope. It took 3 weeks but I now have in hand tickets and information to the ceremony. Good Luck

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I just bought these coupons today as a matter of fact. We are going to go to the Tower of London on 27 December so I wanted to see if I could really get these. The postal person was a bit confused by my request because he said they don't get asked for them alot. The amount specified on the Tower website said they were about $2.00. Our post office only had ones in $1.85 so he added .15 stamps. Hope this helps.

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That's strange you got that response. I just bought mine a little over a month ago from the USPS & I believe I paid $2 or so each for the two. Maybe the clerk didn't understand what you were asking. I just looked it up on their website and found it. .
Already received back my ticket for December. It only took less than two weeks from when I sent them at my local postoffice international airmail.
Send a written request for the tickets with the names, ages, and addresses for each person to attend and the first choice and second choice of viewing date. Include the request, a selfaddressed envelope, & the 2 international reply coupons (IRC) in the envelope. You can view all instructions on their website. .