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7 days in Ireland

My wife and I are going to be in Ireland for one week this June. Our existing plan is to stay at a Marriott resort( frequent traveler points) in Co Wicklow for the week. We will rent a car at the Dublin airport!
From all the posted messages it seems that driving in Ireland will take longer than anticipated!! It appears that we will want to visit Co Cork and the Dingle area. Would it make more sense logistically to move our hotel to Limerick for a few nights so as to make vists to Cork and Dingle?
It seems that driving from Limerick to Dingle for a day trip and then Limerick to Cork for a day trip is doable.
It also seems more practical to rent a car for the entire week than to use a combo of rental car and train!
I would appreciate your thoughts,

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I think your plan is both wise and workable. Regardless of the slow roads, one of the joys of driving is being able to stop and admire the view or take a short walk. That adds even more time "on the road." And if the cost per day is less, you may pay about the same to rent for a week as compared to a shorter time.

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Round trip driving time from Limerick to Dingle is a very minimum of five hours, depending on traffic. This is with no stops. I can tell you from sad experience you do not want to try and drive through Limerick during the morning rush hour. Even if you left early in the morning this would not give you much time to see Dingle. The Slea Head drive with stops will take 2-3 hours at least. In my opinion the trip is doable but not really practical. If it's of any help sunset in June is about 10:30P.M.

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Dingle is about 3 hours from Limerick, Cork is about 2.5 hours from Limerick. Either one would be a lengthy day trip. And as Pat says, Limerick traffic is no picnic. What part of Co. Wicklow are you planning to stay in?

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I've stayed in a B&B in Newtownmountkennedy called Butterfly Hill Farm. There's nothing much in the immediate area. The actual village is small, with not a lot in the way of restaurants, etc. Still, you are close to Glendalough, Kilkenny, Waterford, etc. And yes, driving can be exceedingly slow there. Don't expect that 20 miles to take 20 minutes, like it might here, even on the highway. There are some nice freeways, but most roads are the two-lane variety. Moving to Limerick does make sense if you want to see Dingle and Cork (though it's possible Cork could be closer to Newtownmountkennedy).

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Thanks for the responses.

Even got a response from Minot ND. We lived in Grand Forks for 3 years in the mid 70s. Don't suppose the winters have got any better.

The Marriott that we will stay is in Newtownmountkennedy in Wicklow Co. The Marriott is about 20 miles south of Dublin on rte N11.

I am surprised that Dingle and Cork will be 2-3 hours from Limerick by car. It does still seem to make more sense to spend 3 nights in Limerick, 3 nights in Newtownmountkennedy instead of 6 nights in Newtownmountkennedy.