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7-day Itinerary in Southern Ireland

Hello! My husband and I are planning a trip to Ireland in late April, arriving on a Sat am and leaving the following Sat (both in Dublin). I thought I had the trip figured out until we were able to get the 1st Friday off as a travel day, so we have an extra day and I am now looking at the trip differently. This is the plan... Sat: arrive in Dublin, rent a car and drive to Cashel, Rock of Cashel, stay the night in Cashel (Joy's Rockside B&B) Sun: eat bfast, drive to Dingle w/activities around Dingle; stay at Milestone B&B (i think) Mon: drive around Dingle Peninsula (slea head route), spend night in Dingle Tues: drive north to Cliffs of Moher/Burren. This is where I don't know where to spend the night. Wed: drive to Dublin, hit Bru na Boinne prior to returning car at Dublin airport. Thurs, Fri, Dublin leave Sat morning. My biggest question is where to stay around the Cliffs/Burren area. We will be driving to Dublin the day after; is it worth it to go all the way to Galway? Any advice is welcome!
Thank you!

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After the drive from Dingle, give yourself some time to enjoy the area around Doolin. Cliffs of Moher, The Burren, and boats to the Aran Islands are there. Also, there's great
music in the evenings at the pubs. Head to Dublin the next day. We enjoyed our stay at The Seaview House, a short walk into the tiny town. The flowers in The Burren should be especially beautiful and plentiful in late April. Enjoy!

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Sounds like a reasonable plan you have Angela. Wouldn't be an expert on where to stay in the Cliffs/Burren area, but Doolin would be the spot if you're staying local, plenty of craic there. Here's a link to a guesthouse in Doolin, appears to have got good reviews. Enjoy the holiday!

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We loved our stay at Moher Lodge, just five minutes from the Cliffs of Moher. It's in Liscannor, on the Cliffs road, just down from St Brigid's Well. The Considines are the hosts.

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Angela, I have to put in another vote for Doolin. I stayed there last summer and found it a great base for exploring the Cliffs. I stayed at the Doolin Hostel (dorms and private rooms). I was so taken by the staff - warm, welcoming, and beyond helpful!

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I am also planning a similar trip, so I'm kind of going to copy you! Any advice on working on Blarney Castle? We are not as tied into returning to Dublin as we plan to travel to the UK after, though we kind of want to figure out Ireland first. And we have no jetlag problems as we're traveling from Germany. So excited!

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Hi Angela, My husband and I are following you....only a month later! From Dublin we are going to Glendalough, on to Cashel (not sure, but I think that the Rock of Cashel-at least a portion of it might be covered by scaffolding-don't know how to confirm that, just saw some recent photos on Trip Advisor) then to Blarney before heading to Dingle. After that we are staying in Doolin (also staying at Seaview-I just talked to Dara last week and they've just completed painting the rooms and other enhancements!). This place is within walking distance to Doolin-just right right across the bridge and not far at from the Cliffs of Moher or the boats to cruise around the cliffs or the Aran Islands. After that we are checking out Galway, not too far from Doolin, before heading back to Dublin. I think you need to check out what time you're wanting to visit Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) as I've heard and read that you'll need to arrive early if you want to get in, as they only sell a certain amount of tickets...and you can't drive up to it, you'll have to take a shuttle bus to the site. I would love to see this too, but we won't get over there until later in the day. Hopefully someone else might be able to provide some helpful advice on how I still might be able to squeeze this on my itinerary..... Enjoy your vacation, wishing you safe travels, Patty