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A Message About Trolls

It has become an increasingly large problem to find that our own community members are openly and wrongly accusing others of being a troll on our boards. While it is true that we have endured persisting issues with two such people in recent memory on our boards, these issues have been handled behind the scenes. If they hack their way back in, I will continue to work to keep this Helpline clean. It is absolutely not acceptable to be accusing others of being a troll on our boards. Frankly such behavior is in itself troll-like behavior because it derails the conversation at hand and causes arguments. While I appreciate that many of you have endured what the real trolls caused on our boards, we can't let that affect how we behave. We expect no further accusations of people being trolls on our Travelers Helpline. If you find that someone is actively causing trouble or violating our Community Guidelines, please contact the webmaster by using the "Report guideline violations" link found in the sidebar of every thread or send an email to [email protected]. Thank you. (Responses to this thread will not be necessary)

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