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Train reservations

Hello all,

I'm trying to make train reservations for my fiance and I for two trips - One from London to Minffordd, Wales, and one from Minffordd to Aberdeen, Scotland. We have railpasses already, so we don't need tickets.

The only place I can find online to make them is on the BritRail site, and they charge $10 US per train - so it adds up to $60 to get to Minffordd, and $80 to get to Aberdeen.

Is there another place online where we can make the seat reservations for a cheaper price? Do we absolutely need the reservations at all, or can we just turn up with our railpasses?


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You don't really need to make reservations ahead of time, especially on routes that aren't high-demand i.e. London-Edinburgh. If you're really concerned about it or need to be on a specific train at a specific time, reserve at the ticket office when you arrive in London for Wales, and Aberdeen when you arrive in Minffordd. Check out for more information about reservations and timetables.

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You should be able to reserve almost any train ticket in the UK via You do the search for train times there and then can pick which website to book on - you can book any train with any company, but companies usually offer the best deal on their own tickets. And there's no booking charge. It looks like you can book your tickets - not cheap as it requires at least two changes of train, but certainly doable.

You will need to use a UK post code for the ticket booking - use the one for your hotel or accommodations and then switch it to your US one for payment address. Tickets are not sent abroad, but you can print them out from the machine in London.


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If you have cheap long-distance phone service, call British Rail during their "normal working hours". They can make reservations, and you can make specific requests, such as the "quiet car", which is a no cell phones, no radios, etc. car that lets you watch the scenery, read, or quietly converse.

I have bought tickets on-line, and picked them up at the stations in the UK. But since they, and you, are English speaking, it sometimes makes sense to just make a phone call.